Friday, 31 October 2008


I have found myself being rather negative about a lot of things in my life lately (mostly work but what's new there?) and have been trying to work out why. It finally hit me today that all the things I'm being negative about are things or changes I can't control.
  • new ordering system at work (which would work if everyone did things the way they're supposed to),
  • people with a good work ethic applying to be transferred because they can't stand the inept management any longer (take me with you!!!!!),
  • children growing up (and developing attitudes!),
  • other people's attitudes (and lack of working brain cells),
  • the neighbour's stupid little yappy dog that has taken to barking every night at 2am,
  • not enough hours in the day (even with daylight savings),
  • etc, etc, etc.

So I have decided to practice what I preach to so many others and use the 'rule of fives'. Will whatever I'm being negative/stressing/sarcastic about, matter in five minutes? Five hours? Five days? Five weeks? Five months? If the answer is yes, then take five deep breaths and deal with it in an appropriate manner. If the answer is no, take five deep breaths and ignore .. oops I mean deal with it ... in a humorous (if possible) manner.

I will not be a control freak .. I will not be a control freak .. I will not be a control freak .. lather, rinse, repeat as often as necessary.

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Lita said...

Ooh I must remember that!! Rule of five...very interesting