Saturday, 18 October 2008

I got my fix!!

I finally got to meet Mackenzie today!! Oh that new baby smell .. inhale deeply .. mmmmmmm!

I know some people think that all babies are beautiful but there are an equal number that say all babies look like Winston Churchill. I have a one foot firmly each side of the fence in that I believe that all babies are beautiful to their mother but there are some who just aren't 'pretty' or 'cute'. You know the ones .. where you're searching for something 'nice' to say .. "Oh he looks just like his father" .. bald, fat and red in the face! No such problems here .. Mackenzie is one of the cute-to-everyone babies. Beautiful dark blue eyes, long eyelashes, a little rosebud mouth, a full head of beautiful hair and calm into the bargain .. what's not to love??

I got to cuddle her for nearly two hours and the boys all had a turn too. I even changed a poopy nappy .. while Lachlan (5.5yo older brother of Mackenzie) laughed at me trying to put the tiny little nappy on an even tinier behind. "You can't do it Aunty Donna. I do it for you. Do you know how to 'cos I can show you." Bec replied "It's OK Lachlan. Aunty Donna hasn't done this for a loooong time. She'll work it out!" With his 'help' (!) I managed OK with the nappy then had some more cuddles.

I really can't remember my boys ever being that small and all three of them were smaller than her. I left them all laughing at me because I stated I was going to have to have words with Peter about why he doesn't make girls!

And as I expected, it took Bradley all of twenty seconds once we were in the car to put in his request for a baby sister. Look out Peter .. I told him to ask you for one!!

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