Sunday, 7 June 2009

Today ..

.. I have achieved the following:
  • restrained myself from killing Alex 10 times (that's an improvement on the 23 times of yesterday!)
  • paid 9 bills (and we all know that there will be at least 9 more by the end of next week!)
  • listened to the dog bark at the birds in the trees out the back 8 times (I'm sure the neighbours are going to either report him to the council or try to kill him soon.)
  • told Bradley to clean up his room 7 times (and then gave up!)
  • done 6 loads of washing (most of it from the floor in Bradley's room.)
  • vacuumed mulch off my carpet 5 times (damn dog thinks that the big bits of decomposing garden mulch are the best thing to chew inside. Apparently it's not as much fun to chew them outside!)
  • done 4 lots of dishes (how is that possible when we haven't even had dinner yet?)
  • tried to scrap 3 times (but didn't succeed at all. Mojo? Whatever I did, I'm sorry! Please come home ... please?)
  • Read 2 books (you know you're getting desperate for something to read when you raid the kids' library bags!)
  • Fell asleep in my lounge chair (my 'throne') 1 time (and woke to find one of my lovely children, Drew, had covered me with a doona so I "wouldn't get too cold to make dinner"!)

What did you get up to today?

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