Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Family news from the past week ..

I survived the '12th birthday movie night sleepover party' (obviously!) without too much damage. Andrew had a great birthday and a great party, even if he did come down to the lounge room and sit with me for a while because "they're all soooo noisy that I have a headache!" and that was with only three extra boys in the house.

After shifting some furniture in Alex's bedroom, I discovered our shower is leaking into his wall again., so now we're up for the cost of fixing that. Luckily, Peter was in the mood to fix it properly by re-tiling the whole shower instead of just patching it, so now I get to go pick out new tiles and try to arrange a reasonable quote for the labour involved.

I also managed to get him to agree to getting an electrician in to fix the dodgy front light and install another one. I thought I was on a roll until I figured out why he was being so reasonable ...
I bought food for the family on the weekend.

This is what Peter bought on the weekend ..

He's been wanting another bike for a while and now that we actually have a car (or three!) to transport the kids in, I don't really have a problem with him having it. He is careful, always wears the right protective gear and deserves some fun. The look on his face when he got off after riding it home was priceless. His grin nearly split his face in half! For those who want the details it's a Kawasaki Vulcan VN800 Cruiser. A cruiser is much better for a ride in the country on a fine afternoon than a sports bike. Only problem is that with his matt black helmet, now he really looks like a bikie.

Andrew went off to his year 7 camp on Monday. This will be the longest he's been away from home without one of us there with him. He's my little stress head, so he was a bit worried about the whole thing but found a kindred spirit in one of the kids who came to his birthday party, Nik, who was a bit concerned as well. They agreed to sit together on the bus for the 5 hour trip to Albany and help each other out. I think they'll both be so busy, they won't have time to feel homesick but it's good to know someone has his back. Andrew even deigned to give me a hug good-bye, after looking around and checking out what the other boys were doing of course!

Alex is in trouble again for not handing in homework that I know he's done at least part of. I have told his teachers that I refuse to put my entire life on hold to stand over him for hours on end, but some of them still don't seem to realise that getting him to think in abstract terms is like trying to milk a bull .. now matter how long and hard you try, it just isn't going to work! Mind you, the communication between the teachers and myself has improved greatly from last year so at least I'm able to suggest alternatives to tasks that are going to be too far outside the realms of reasonable expectation. I know you shouldn't wish your life, or your child's life, away but I can't wait until high school is over!!

Bradley has been wandering the house like a little lost soul without Andrew here. Apparently it's no fun to play the Wii by himself so the dog is getting a lot of extra attention and loving it!

Now I'm off to contact some more tilers so I can try to work out if the first quote is good, bad or indifferent. Wish me luck ...

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