Wednesday, 10 June 2009

To all the non-scrapbookers out there ...

.. please, please, please write details on the back of your photos.

A date ..

A place ..

A name ..

.. will help the people who come after you to know more, understand more, of your life and the reasons why you took the photos you did.

I have been sorting through one of the three boxes of photos, albums and framed pictures that belonged to Peter and Mark's Dad. So many photos with no details, dates, place names or, worst of all, people's names, means so many memories lost.

Admittedly, a lot of the photos would probably only mean something to Neil or Anne as they are of trips they took together but even still, they are a part of their life and I hate to see them just languishing in a box with no idea of the who, what or where.

Hopefully we will be able to identify details of some of these photos but even if we don't, please make sure this doesn't happen to your memories.

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