Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Feel good moment

This may seem like a little thing to others whose children fit in well and who haven't been constantly picked on for being different. However, it was a really big thing for me as the mother of a child who has never fitted in and who is often ostracised by his peers for being awkward (physically and socially).

When I went to pick Alex up from soccer tonight, he was upstairs in the gym being shown how to use some of the fitness equipment by one of the slightly older boys. The team coach called him down and we were just about to head out the door when several of the other boys called out to him. I was expecting negative comments (isn't that dreadful?) but was over the moon when I heard them all praising him for trying his best and playing a good game. The team captain came down and did that boy thing of "punching" his shoulder with a "Well done mate. See you next week."

I was so happy for him I nearly burst into tears on the spot but I restrained myself so that I wouldn't embarrass him. He, however, just accepted it as his due, said thanks and headed straight for the door with only one thing to say to me ...

"What's for dinner?"


Lita said...

That is fantastic Donna!! What a bosst to him to feel included and appreciated for his efforts. Such a proud mum moment :)

Kaye said...

How wonderful!! I bet that made him feel so good to be a part of the group.