Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Random stuff ...

  • 3 weeks and 3 working days until I get to go on my holiday down south. I would say "but who's counting" but I guess it's kind of obvious that I am!
  • Andrew was invested into Scouts last Tuesday and is loving it. He just hasn't decided if he can handle going away for a whole week in October for CampWest with Alex and without us. He's got 'til the end of the week when applications close.
  • Alex has had another detention for failing to hand in homework. Funnily enough, he has been rather co-operative these past few days. I'm still trying to work out how he's managed to get three after-school detentions in just over a term when I managed to get through five years of high school without a single one. Am I boring or what?
  • I haven't been able to talk to Peter in the small window of time he has after work but am hoping to talk with him tomorrow.
  • We have a big sale on at work this week (starts Thursday) so the paperwork has been frantic as have the department managers. And we're losing another couple of managers to different stores. I know I'm dreaming but I wish the people who controlled all the transfers would grow a brain. Why move people who are obviously doing a good job and who want to stay in the store they're in? Logic is a swear word at Big W!
  • Bradley is being really cuddly so he must be about to grow again. He always seems to need more hugs and "Mum time" right before he grows. I'm not complaining about the extra hugs but I hope he doesn't grow out of his new clothes as well as the old ones!
  • I have once again realised that I'm not invisible at work. Several people have nominated me for a "Great Big Thank You" award. Sounds corny but it means a lot to me!
  • Enough for now. I neeeeeeed sleep!!


Lita said...

Good luck with the award - I'm sure you'll get it!

Kaye said...

Congrats on the award nomination! It's nice to have your work noticed, isn't it?