Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Warning: whinge fest and pity party follows. Proceed at your own risk!

I knew when I married him that we had things in common and things we differ on. I should have known that it was the things we differ on that would make the most difference.

I am a city girl. I thought he was a city boy, because he sure used to be, but I was apparently wrong. He has a need to move to the country and to take us all with him. I suppose I should be grateful that he wants to take us with him but I'm having a hard time appreciating that particular silver lining right now. He's even made a concession to my "moving to a country town" phobia by picking a "big" town. It has a supermarket, a coffee shop and, to quote him, "it even has a hairdresser".

I mean no offense to people who live in country towns but it's just not my scene. I'm quite comfortable here in suburbia on my own little patch of land with everything I want and need close by. Maybe it's just a matter of shifting my view of what I want and need but I like it here! (insert stamping foot and pouting lip).

Besides, I'm sure I'm allergic to red dust. He comes home covered in it every third week and I sneeze for days. (It always sounds better to say that I'm allergic to the dust because the only other option is that I'm allergic to him!) He knows that I sneeze for days yet he wants me to buy 5 acres of red dust and build a house on it and can't understand why I'm not jumping at the chance.

I realise that the world isn't all about me (shock horror!) and that marriage is a partnership with numerous compromises, but I don't wanna move!!! He won't make us move but I know he'd be happier if we did.

I've told him I'll think about it but that I refuse to let him guilt me into it. Stay tuned ....


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! I hope that it is some place close so that I can visit - the other criteria is that I need to be able to spell the name!! Jerramungup has a nice ring to it!! Sorry. You will get plenty of support from me (against!) as I don't want to lose my friend.

Donna said...

We'll just both have to move to Gabbadah dearie!