Sunday, 22 June 2008


After another round of fruitless, disheartening discussion, I needed something to do. I wandered around the house for a while trying to decide which project to tackle and finally decided on weeding down the laundry side of the house.

Weeding is great therapy. You can vent all your frustrations on the weeds, you're getting exercise, you're outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine and there's a visible result when you decide you've had enough.

6 wheelbarrows full of weeds later, the laundry gardens are looking a lot better. I am thoroughly sore and tired but at least I did something instead of eating! Now I might actually try to scrap something. (Only 'cos I need to sit down for a while!!)


Kaye said...

If you are all rested up now, feel free to come weed at my house!

Donna said...

No thanks Kaye! Your yard is 10 times the size of mine!!

Kaye said...

Oh, come on! It would be fun!!

How about this instead? We'll let all the kids do the work and we'll go eat ice cream. Does that sound better?

Donna said...

The ice cream part sounds great! Trouble is that I'd still have to do the weeding. My kids would want the ice cream too without actually doing any weeding!

Good luck doing your yard though!