Sunday, 15 June 2008


I officially hate high school homework!

It was bad enough the first time round when I had to do it for myself. It's even worse trying to get my very unco-operative almost 13yo son to do it. It has taken three days to get three pages of writing out of him and that is only just scratching the surface. He still has a 30 point English poetry assignment, a weekly book report and a research project for SOSE to start and finish, all due this week after having had them for more than two weeks. Mind you, it's only the subjects that involve any sort of creative or expressive writing that he doesn't want to do. Science and Maths homework are always done the same night. Thank heavens for small mercies, I suppose.

Andrew has to make a model of the solar system. I dutifully went and bought polystyrene balls, wire and paint and we've managed to get it all together with some craft glue, which is refusing to dry in this dreadful weather. Maybe it will have dried by tomorrow so he can put the finishing touches on it. Apparently it's due this week too and he's had it for three weeks.

Bradly had to make a rain gauge and predict the weather and expected rainfall for the last week. But he kept forgetting to check it, record the findings and then empty it for the next day's rainfall. Oops .. oh well. And it's due tomorrow.

The standard refrain every afternoon is "But I've got heaps of time left before it's due. I'll do it tomorrow". And my standard response would make the Nike ad writers proud ...

"Just do it"

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Lita said...

Oh dear..I do not look forward to this with my kiddlets. If they're anything like m they'll leave eerything to the last minute too lol