Saturday, 14 June 2008


My kids have never really slept in my bed. Even if they wake up in the middle of the night with a bad dream, I've always let them climb in with me for a cuddle then I put them back into their own beds. Last night I made an exception.

Andrew went to a birthday party at the decommissioned Fremantle prison. Because it was Friday the thirteenth, the birthday child had asked for a 'spooky' party like the 'ghost' tours that are done through the prison. The mother of the birthday child rang the organisers and asked if it would be suitable for 11 & 12 year olds and was assured that it was fine. I explained to Andrew that he might get scared and that he didn't have to go but he was determined to so I let him. (And I trusted the parents enough to not make him continue if he didn't want to).

Apparently when they all got there, one child refused to even set foot in the front gate and two others bailed early in, one of whom was Andrew. Luckily, the parents had expected something like this so the mother went with the tour and the father took the others to a local fast food place. Andrew reckoned he got the better deal .. "we got have chips while the others got to be scared".

He was happy as anything when he got home at 9:45pm but as soon as he put his pyjamas on, the tears started, so I let him sleep in my bed. Now he's not a particularly big child so you'd think he wouldn't take up much room in bed right? Wrong! This not much more than 4ft high child took up almost the entire queen-size bed and managed to get all of the kingsized quilt. He had rolled himself up in the quilt so I had to unroll him over and over to try and stay warm. In the end I had to get up and put thick winter pj's on so I wouldn't freeze.

He panicked when he woke up this morning. He looked at the alarm clock, saw it was after 7am and was struggling madly to get out of the quilt because he thought he was going to be late for school. Once he realised it was Saturday, he deigned to share the quilt and then asked me why I had wrapped him up in it in the first place!

Everything seems fine in the light of day, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens tonight. (At least he doesn't snore!!)


Kaye said...

I can totally believe that a small child could be a bed hog. DH is great about staying on his side of the bed, but his cat thinks my side of the bed is her spot. And she sure does take up a lot of room for such a little thing! LOL! And then she gets mad at me and glares at me if I try to kick her out of the room.

I hope your DS is able to sleep in his own bed tomorrow night!

Lita said...

My DD#1 is a shocking bed hog too! She squeezes between us and I end up on the edge of the bed clenching my butt sheeks in the hope it'll keep me on the bed! lol

Glad he got to do something cool instead of just wait outside the prison :)