Saturday, 28 June 2008

Next week ...

... will be my last week at work before my holiday!! I'm starting to get excited but there's still so much to organise. Clothes, food, entertainment .. and that's just for the boys!

Seriously though, I'm trying to work out which scrapping project to take, just how cold it will be so I know which clothes to take, if I can get internet down there and how much money I'm going to need. The money thing is probably the most important seeing as I have to drive past the Candy Cow on my way to Margaret River. Mmmmm .. fudge!!

Creamy Bailey's, cappuccino with baby marshmallows, St Clements (orange and lemon), double choc, rum and raisin, lemon cheesecake, jaffa (choc orange) and choc mint are the ones that spring to mind from the last time. Wonder if they've introduced any new flavours since I was there two years ago? (before drool shorts out the keyboard!)

About the scrapping: I don't know whether to take the boys' albums and try to get them a bit more up-to-date or start the photos from our 10,500km trip last year or do 2007. Better decide tomorrow and pack it all then so I don't give up and take nothing!

The boys are a bit concerned about what they're going to be fed for dinners while I'm not here. They usually make their own breakfasts and lunches (because I got sick of them being picky about everything) but dinner is totally different. Bradley is worried that they'll only get beans on toast or scrambled eggs on toast or just toast! I've told them that their dad knows where the supermarket is and that he has his own card for the bank account so they'll be fine.

On a totally different note though, can all you lovely people out there please give me some suggestions for an easy dress-up costume for work? Next Thursday is the start of our big toy sale and all the staff have been asked to dress up as their favourite kids character. I don't want to spend a heap of money hiring a costume for one day (especially as they won't reimburse us .. I have my holiday fund to think of!) but am a bit stumped about what/who to go as. Any and all help gratefully appreciated.

Oh, and a few prayers for some sanity while dealing with the ferocious, psychotic, feral, toy-buying public wouldn't go astray either! Thanks!!


Lita said...

Ooh, costume is a hard one...I'm hopeless with stuff like that!
Where you going for your holiday?

Donna said...

Three hours south to Margaret River. It's the winery region of WA with some other good stuff to see too. Mind you, I've seen most of it before so I'll probably just veg out!

Kaye said...

That fudge looks delicious!! I wish I was going away with you.