Saturday, 21 June 2008

Another version of circles

I was playing and being silly with Andrew when he stopped and very seriously asked me what language was I speaking. It wasn't really any language, just silly noises, but I told him I was being the Chef from the Muppets. "Who? From where?" Oh you poor deprived child you!

As a result, we have spent the last 25 minutes watching different clips from the Muppet Show on youtube. This was Andrew's favourite:

The circles part comes in here: my sister and I used to watch this show every chance we could and now my kids want me to get the DVDs so they can watch it too! Everything old is new again. (It's still funny to me but probably only because it was funny then).

I love youtube! Now I'm off to look for "Pigs in Space!"

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Kaye said...

I used to watch The Muppet Show every night after supper. I loved it! I loved the two old men who sat in the balcony. My best friend had some Pigs in Space stationery. She used to write me notes on it all the time.