Saturday, 5 July 2008

"You're not the boss of me!"

That is all I have heard for the last ten minutes as the oldest and the youngest fight it out over who gets to sit in the bean bag and control the TV remote. I'm just waiting for the inevitable wail of pain and one or the other screaming "I'm telling Mum!"

Alex: "I'm telling Mum you hurt me."
Brad: "Well I'm telling Mum that you're watching TV."
Alex: "So? I'm allowed to."
Brad: "No you're not. You're supposed to be doing your homework."
Alex: "It's school holidays. I don't have any homework."
Brad: "Yes you do! Your English assignment that you were supposed to hand in on Friday that you said you already finished."


Alex: "Have the stupid remote then! See if I care!!"

Bradley's got this blackmail thing down pat. The scary part is he even knows that's what it's called and the difference between blackmail and bribery!

Remind me again what I'm supposed to be teaching them or is this near enough??

(Just for the record: I know Alex hasn't finished the assignment and I know he's going to get a detention for not handing it in on time. I'm at the stage where I figure it's his lesson to learn and all the pushing and screaming from me will do absolutely no good at all. I think they call it being resigned to the situation.)