Saturday, 19 July 2008

Holiday Update #12

Friday 18th July

The stormy weather really picked up overnight so I didn’t get much sleep. Too many weird noises in a strange house ensured that I was up and packed ready to go by 9:30am and ended up leaving at 9:45am. (I thought that I’d better take it nice and easy on the way home due to the severe weather warnings). It was really quite upsetting to drive away from the little home-away-from-home but I’ve promised myself I will do it again … someday.

First stop on the way home was the Candy Cow … again! I even managed to get some photos of the inside of the shop this time as well as more fudge (for the boys this time!) and I bought them a stuffed toy each … a cow of course!

Next stop was the Busselton jetty which was getting quite a lashing from the waves. There was so much sand being stirred up in the water, the waves looked like chocolate foam. As well as being really windy, it was actually quite cold so I had a quick look around, then went back to warmth of the car before going on to Bunbury.

I grabbed some takeaway food for lunch in Bunbury and decided to just keep on going. The wind had really picked up so I slowed down to make it a bit easier to stay in a straight line. (That’s one of the problems with driving a small, lightweight car … the wind can really push it around). Slow and steady wins the race and gets you home in one piece!

When I reached Harvey, I stopped in at their Tourist Bureau as I hadn’t been in there before. It was quite interesting wandering around the exhibits as well as perusing all the souvenirs (as if I hadn’t spent enough already!) I might take the boys down there for a weekend away if I can scrounge some more time off work.

Then it was back into the car for the last leg of the journey. The weather was getting progressively worse the closer I got to Perth but I made it home in one piece at about 2:20pm. As soon as the kids heard my key in the door, they were all over me like a rash. So nice to be loved … and they didn’t even ask if I brought anything home for them! Alex did say, very seriously, that I was allowed to go away again, just not for a very long time, because even he missed me!

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