Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Holiday update #4

Thursday 10th July

I woke about 8am only to find Mina had already been awake for half an hour. We chatted for a bit then Mina cooked a fantastic breakfast of bacon and eggs while I just did the toast. Perfect arrangement for me!! By the time we’d both had showers and done the dishes, it was after 11:30am.

We had decided to see Jewel Cave so we hit the road for the 45 minute trip. The rain started almost as soon as we walked out the door. Thank goodness the cave is “undercover”! We stopped at the caves info centre (Caveworks) where we both bought ourselves some new jewelry... mood jewelry. I got a new ring and Mina got a bangle. Apparently I was feeling very romantic and relaxed and Mina was feeling relaxed and active (how those two go together I don’t know!)

Then we drove down to Jewel Cave where we were just in time for the 2:30pm tour … just the two of us. The tour guide was great and very patient especially considering I had forgotten how many stairs there are in Jewel Cave ... over 500! I had thought it would be easier then the 336 steps down into Lake Cave and the 336 steps back up again. Boy was I wrong! The cave was absolutely amazing. So many different things to look at and all made by Mother Nature. The guide turned the lights off when we were right at the bottom of the cave (he warned us first thank goodness!) and I have never felt anything like it. We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. Together with the lack of air movement as well as the total lack of sound, it was complete sensory deprivation. Having the tour to ourselves, we could just stand there and enjoy the sensation of total peace and quiet. I can’t imagine being lowered into that environment on a rope through a narrow hole in the ground, with only a single torchlight to see by.

By the time we climbed all the stairs and got back outside, I was so red in the face Mina thought I was going to pass out. Of course I didn’t (just!) but we had a nice little rest before getting back in the car and heading off to find the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. The chocolate factory wasn’t where I thought it was (apparently I was only about 20kms off!) so we ended up at the Candy Cow and Moonhaven Soaps instead. The Candy Cow was great as usual and I had a great conversation with the new owner. He’s even going to look for the recipe for my favourite fudge … cappuccino with marshmallows. And he’s going to work on getting the mail order system back up and working. Woohoo!!

I could have spent hours in the Moonhaven shop... so many things to look at! Fairy stuff, knick knacks, crystals, jewelry, and all the different soaps and lotions. We were both fascinated with all the little things hidden at the back of the shelves. After spending an almost indecent amount of money (not really but it’s the most I’ve spent on non-food items!) we headed back to the house for some warmth, with a promise to ourselves that we would find the Chocolate Factory tomorrow morning.

Another late night … after 11pm.

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