Sunday, 6 July 2008

I'm getting nervous ..

but am very excited! I leave tomorrow for my first ever all-on-my-own holiday.

It's amazing how much I still have to do. I have to pack:

  • clothes (some are still going through the wash. I'm sure the washing machine is eating my bras 'cos I can only find two!)
  • toiletries (Have to try and stay decently presented. Never know who you're going to run over .. oops .. I mean into.)
  • scrapping stuff (this will take up the most room. Priorities people!)
  • camera (I'm a scrapper. Of course I need a camera!!)
  • phone (just in case. I went to school with him .. Justin Case. Nice guy but a bit too Boy Scout .. you know .. "be prepared" just in case!)
  • battery chargers (for camera and phone)
  • some food items (got to have nibblies for the long drive down there. The groceries can wait until I get there).
  • "grown-up" drinks (Don't have to face the kids in the mornings so I can have a drink or twelve. Just kidding .. I have a strict 11 drink limit!!)
  • laptop (to download the millions of photos I'll probably take of Jewel Cave.)
  • books (I don't do enough reading at home .. yeah right!.. so I have to take some with me.)
  • CPAP machine (to stop my snoring so I don't rattle the windows out of the frames.)

And I still have to:

  • put petrol in the car (can't go far on an empty tank!)
  • bring in all the washing on the line before it rains again
  • finish cleaning up the kitchen
  • get some cash for incidentals (still too many places that don't have EFTPOS)
  • drop the kids at Mum's place (and try not to look too happy when I'm leaving them there!)
  • make sure to wrap Mum's birthday present and take it to her when I drop the kids off

All these things to do and yet I'm still sitting here thinking of more things to do. Better get a move on or I'll be late for my holiday tomorrow!

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Kaye said...

I was hoping you would take me on your trip, but I don't see my name on your list of things to pack. I hope you are having a great time!!