Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Playing nurse now...

Today has been another interesting day.

I was out of bed and on the road at 5:15am taking Mum to the hospital for surgery on her right wrist (for carpal tunnel syndrome). Of course, I didn't think to check my fuel gauge last night so I had to find a petrol station open at that hour of the morning (most don't open 'til 6am around here) and then hope I had enough money to pay for it because I realised I left my eftpos cards at home.

With Mum safely delivered to the hospital, it was back home to get the five boys fed and ready for school. For some reason, they all picked this morning to sleep in and to be in a 'go-slow' mood. They all made the bus (just) then it was time to wait for the phone call to pick Mum up again.

I managed to do some washing, pay some bills and even a little bit of scrapping before the phone call came at 11am. I couldn't believe it took me 55 minutes just to get there to pick her up and another 50minutes to get home! The whole round trip was done in 60 minutes this morning. (The fact that I missed the turnoff to the hospital and ended up on the freeway heading south of the city had nothing whatsoever to do with how long it took .. honest!)

Once I picked Mum up, I found out the surgeon had given her a cortisone injection into the left wrist as well as operating on the right one. Apparently the left wrist had a pain level of about 9 out of 10 but the right one didn't hurt at all. After dosing her up on major painkillers, I left her watching a DVD while I faced the joyous prospect of cleaning the boys toilet. (5 Boys, 1 toilet, very poor aim .. form your own mental picture of my level of elation!)

I went to check on Mum and found her dozing off so I talked her into going to bed. She managed a couple of hours before the painkilers wore off and by that time, the boys were home. She watched a bit more TV while I supervised homework and made dinner, then she begged for some more pain relief. I dosed her up and put her to bed in my bed where she is now curled up fast asleep. I even got to tuck her in (the joys of having both hands bandaged!)

Anyway, I'm going to go make the couch into my bed for the night and hope I get some sleep too. If I don't, work will just have to function without me for one more day!

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